Meet the Camunda Chapter Leaders


Camunda Chapter Leaders are active members of the Camunda Community that bring together like-minded people by establishing regular meet-ups to discuss the industry’s latest developments, including Camunda’s product contributions. Their groups are open to anyone, from the “workflow curious,” to the BPM purist, to the Microservice Orchestration Designer, to the Java Architect, to the “how do I do this in my non-Java language?” developer.

We know that the community has brilliant ideas waiting to be shared. If you have something you would like to present at a meet-up, we’d love to hear from you and help you make it happen, write to us telling us more about it. We want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to contribute.


Maria Alcantara
Community Manager


Vsevolod Martyniuk

Chapter Leader | Almaty - Reunico

Mstislav Martynyuk

Chapter Leader | Almaty - Reunico

John Li

Chapter Leader | Amsterdam - MyCubes

Surush Samani

Chapter Leader | Amsterdam - CloudNative Labs

Pieter Hering

Chapter Leader | Amsterdam - MyCubes

Sing Hsu

Chapter Leader | Amsterdam - MyCubes

Günther Van Roey

Chapter Leader | Antwerp - XTi

Nico Van de Zande

Chapter Leader | Antwerp - XTi

Kevin Lang

Chapter Leader | Basel - brix IT Solutions

Raghavendra Chari

Chapter Leader | Bengaluru -

Björn Richerzhagen

Chapter Leader | Berlin - MINAUTICS GmbH

Katharina Paulick

Chapter Co-Leader | Berlin - MINAUTICS GmbH

Uriel Zamora

Chapter Leader | Ciudad de México - Tech9

Anders Kristian Andersen

Chapter Leader | Danish - Completing Software and Design

Anmol Gupta

Chapter Leader | Delhi NCR - Fidelity International

Asko Soukka

Chapter Leader | Finland - University of Jyväskylä

Patrick Wunderlich

Chapter Leader | Hamburg - Holisticon AG

Uwe Koch

Chapter Leader | Hannover -

Frank Oehlschläger

Chapter Leader | Hannover - FSS CONSULTING GMBH

Nicolas Fonnegra Martinez

Chapter Leader | Karlsruhe-Ettlingen - esentri AG

Tomasz Młynarczyk

Chapter Leader | Krakow - Frontiers

Jean-François Gonguet

Chapter Leader | Lausanne - adesso Suisse SA

Juan Carlos Beltran Rebaza

Chapter Leader | Lima - Prisma Intelligence Consulting

Philipp Hehnle

Chapter Leader | Munich - envite consulting gmbh

Holger Hagen

Chapter Leader | Munich, Nürnberg, Stuttgart - envite consulting GmbH

Tobias Schäfer

Chapter Leader | Munich, Nürnberg, Stuttgart - envite consulting GmbH

Andre Strothmann

Chapter Leader | Münsterland - viadee Unternehmensberatung AG

Max Young

Chapter Leader | New York - Capital BPM

Zach Wylie

Chapter Support | New York - Capital BPM

Yuvraj Keenoo

Chapter Leader | Port Louis - MCB

Tomas Walek

Chapter Leader | Prague -

Kennedy Chengeta, PhD

Camunda Chapter | Pretoria - KaribuTech AI

Aakanksha Jain

Chapter Leader | Pune -

arindam mukherjee

Chapter Leader | Pune -

Tales Paiva

Chapter Leader | Rio de Janeiro - AgileKip | UFRJ | KIP4YOU

Paul Slowinski

Chapter Leader | Rhein-Main - ilum:e informatik AG

Shannon Riley-Hinkel

Chapter Support | Rhein-Main - ilum:e informatik AG

Jörg Zentgraf

Chapter Leader | Rhein-Main - ilum:e informatik ag

Matthias Schulte

Chapter Leader | Rheinland, Ruhrgebiet - viadee Unternehmensberatung AG

Florian Runschke

Chapter Leader | Ruhrgebiet, Rheinland - viadee AG

Maurício Bitencourt

Chapter Leader | São Paulo - Projeler

Luc Weinbrecht

Chapter Leader | Stuttgart - envite consulting GmbH

Thomas Heinrichs

Chapter Leader | University - Miragon

Max Cornel

Chapter Leader | Utrecht - Incentro

Omid Tansaz

Chapter Leader | Utrecht -

Edwin Nooijen

Chapter Leader | Utrecht -

Marcel Brökel

Chapter Leader | Vienna -

Peter Queteschiner

Chapter Leader | Vienna -

Stephan Pelikan

Chapter Co-Leader | Vienna - Phactum Softwareentwicklung GmbH

Ralph Panitz

Chapter Leader | Zurich - Mesoneer AG

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