MVP with Camunda: Starting faster and then automating

Sep 28, 2022, 7:30 – 8:30 PM

Journey for identifying the most relevant human tasks to decide which ones to be automated first. Automate some of them using external tasks and RPA to access forms, until we can replace them with API calls without changing the business process or delaying the time to market.


About this meet-up

Want to know the top questions surrounding building a MVP in Camunda? We will have an intimate discussion directly with senior Camunda architect and developers who helped create the platform. We will cover features, news, and questions. Join us at the second 2022 virtual gathering of Camunda users on the West Coast!

User meetings are a great way to connect people who use or are interested in Camunda, providing everyone with an opportunity to exchange experiences and share knowledge about everything in the world of orchestration and automation of processes and decisions. Presenting rich content that reaches technology audiences and encompasses the business area, we aim to add knowledge and foster networking with Camunda users.


  • Jean Alves


    Software Architect Expert

  • Emilio Oliveira


    Senior Business Process Architect


  • Anwen Parmley


    Customer Engagement Representative

  • Maria Alcantara


    Community Manager


  • Guilherme Gagliardi


    Head of Marketing

  • Anwen Parmley


    Customer Engagement Representative

  • Emilio Oliveira

    Business Process Architect

  • Raquel Sales

    Marketing Analyst

  • Mindy Shanes

    VP of Sales and Marketing

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