Camunda 8 as a Microservice Orchestrator | Camunda In Person Meet-Up Pune User Group

Nov 6, 2023, 4:30 – 7:30 AM

Join Pune's Camunda User Group for an exclusive in-person meetup, Camunda 8, our focus, as microservices we orchestrate. Learn, network, and collaborate, it's an opportunity great, Unlock the potential of Camunda, don't be fashionably late!


About this meet-up

Join us for an exciting in-person meetup of the Camunda User Group Pune! In this session, we will dive deep into the world of Camunda 8 as a microservice orchestration layer.

Camunda 8 is at the forefront of workflow and process automation, enabling organizations to efficiently manage and coordinate their microservices architecture. At this meetup, you'll have the opportunity to:

Learn about the latest features and capabilities of Camunda 8.

Discover how Camunda can serve as a powerful orchestration layer for your microservices.

Gain insights from experts who have successfully implemented Camunda for microservice management.

Network with fellow Camunda enthusiasts, developers, and professionals in Pune's vibrant tech community.

Whether you're new to Camunda or a seasoned user, this meetup promises to offer valuable insights and a platform for knowledge sharing. Don't miss this chance to connect with like-minded individuals, explore the potential of Camunda 8, and take your microservice architecture to the next level. 

Virtual meeting link: (Google meet)

Venue Details: It will be added soon. Call +91 9035005040/+91 9284477062 for more details


Introduction by Chapter Leader
Welcome Note
Camunda Community Ecosystem and Programs
Camunda 8 as a Microservice Orchestrator [Event Driven]
Tea and Snacks Break
Power of C-8 Connectors
Future of Camunda 7
Networking Session
Event Closure


  • Niall Deehan


    Developer Advocate

  • Maria Alcantara


    Community Manager


  • Arindam Mukherjee


  • arindam mukherjee

    Chapter leader

  • Aakanksha Jain

    Chapter leader

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