Combining Orchestration and Choreography for a Clean Architecture using Camunda 8 Hyperautomation.

Oct 19, 2023, 3:30 – 7:00 PM

The first meet-up in mainland Africa, Pretoria discusses mixing choreography and orchestration in microservice architectures. Thomas Heinrichs and Andreas explore clean, loosely-coupled architectures featuring Zeebe and Kafka. Niall Deehan discusses evolution to event-based orchestration supported by Maria Alcantara and Kennedy Chengeta, Phd. This talk covers technical concepts in java.


About this meet-up

Welcome to the first meet-up in Pretoria as we discuss mixing choreography and orchestration in a microservice architecture to derive  significant benefits. Join Thomas and Andreas as they explore how you can build a clean, loosely-coupled architecture featuring Zeebe, Kafka and our domain services. This talk will cover both theory as well as practical examples written in Java, so you can walk away knowing which architectural approach to choose.

Maria Alcantara from Spain, Camunda Community Manager discusses Camunda's Educational License Program and how it aims to enable people and organizations to teach BPMN and process automation to others by giving them access in African Universities. African Universities can use this license program in their teaching initiatives.

The event also showcases use of Camunda  to  orchestrate hospital surgery processes using Camunda 8, and Generative AI and connectors. Eezimedz is a medical adminstration workflow meant for rural areas with low network areas in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Nqobile Ndaba, Danai Tobaiwa and Mark Bhunu from KaribuTech AI  will take you through the journey.



Thursday, October 19, 2023
3:30 PM – 7:00 PM UTC


3:30 PMIntroduction to Camunda Automation in Africa by Kennedy Chengeta, Phd
3:40 PMIntroduction to Camunda and Camunda Education by Maria
4:10 PMCombining Orchestration and Choreography for a Clean Architecture
5:10 PMThe evolution to event-based orchestration
6:30 PMUsing Camunda 8 and Generative AI to orchestrate a Medical Admin System for Africa
6:50 PMQuestions and Answers for Camunda HyperAutomation


  • Thomas Heinrichs


    BPM Consultant

  • Maria Alcantara


    Community Manager

  • Niall Deehan


    Developer Advocate

  • Kennedy Chengeta, PhD

    KaribuTech AI

    Chief Intergration Architect


  • Dimakatso Valencia Phalafala

    KaribuTech AI

    Cloud engineer and Camunda Workflow Infrastructure


  • Kennedy Chengeta, PhD

    KaribuTech AI

    Chapter Leader

  • Dimakatso phalafala


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