Camunda Meetup in Brno - Case studies from RWS Group and Oriflame Software

Feb 27, 4:30 – 7:00 PM

The team from RWS presents their transformative journey of integrating Camunda into the fabric of their organization. The Oriflame team showcases how they successfully used Camunda as an orchestator and observability tool in their tool-chain.


About this meet-up

1) Transformative journey of integrating Camunda into the fabric of the organization (Lukas Kocourek, Peter Fendek, Bogna Wrobel - RWS Group)

We will explain the transformative journey of integrating Camunda into the fabric of our organization. Our session will unfold the captivating history of Camunda within our company, highlighting key milestones, challenges, and successes along the way. You will discover how the adoption process of Camunda unfolded, from the initial considerations to the strategic implementation phases. You will gain valuable insights into the decision-making processes, hurdles faced, and the strategic vision that guided us through the integration. Central to our discussion will be the indispensable role Camunda plays in our business process automation initiative. Learn how this powerful tool has become the linchpin of our efforts, streamlining workflows, enhancing efficiency, and driving innovation across diverse business functions.


- Lukáš Kocourek (Enterprise Architect) - Lukas played a crucial role in the initial deliberations, selection process, and early implementation of Camunda. He will guide you through the history of Camunda within our company.

- Peter Fendek (Product Manager) - Peter leveraged the advantages of Camunda to introduce an innovative new product. He will explain current state of adoption and business achievements.

- Bogna Wróbel (Tech Lead) - Bogna heads a team of engineers responsible for Camunda, and she will elaborate on the technical intricacies of the solution.

2) Using Camunda as an orchestrator and observability tool at Oriflame Software (Jiri Poledna, Jiri Kohoutek - Oriflame Software)

Oriflame uses the event-driven paradigm and messaging as the primary platform for asynchronous communication between microservices. This presentation tries to show how we apply Camunda to our microservice ecosystem as an orchestrator and also as a tool for better observability of flows and processes.

While the pure event-driven approach in Camunda has both advantages and disadvantages, we believe that our approach is suitable for our business purposes and we aim to share this knowledge with others. The speakers will provide further insights.

Jiri Poledna is responsible for the technical aspects of the solution, while Jiri Kohoutek led the Camunda implementation in the company. He described the processes and used BPML in Camunda to bring them to life.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2024
4:30 PM – 7:00 PM UTC


4:45 PMTransformative journey of integrating Camunda into the fabric of the organization
5:45 PMUsing Camunda as an orchestrator and observability tool


  • Lukáš Kocourek

    RWS Group

    Enterprise Architect

  • Peter Fendek

    RWS Group

    Digital Product Manager and Business Analyst

  • Bogna Wrobel

    RST Software Masters

    Software Developer

  • Jiri Poledna

    Oriflame Software

    Orisales Architect

  • Jiri Kohoutek

    Oriflame Software

    Solution Expert


  • Tomas Walek

    Chapter Leader

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