Camunda 8 in action

Camunda Chapter: New York

Wed, May 25, 8:00 PM (UTC)



About this meet-up

Dear Camundos,

We are thrilled to kick off the Camunda User Group Northeast, alongside the Camunda User Group West, with a meetup via Zoom next May 25, at 4:00 pm EDT. And believe us when we say we have an excellent topic for this first session!

Camunda Platform 8 is out, and this is your opportunity to see it in action. Camunda Developer Advocate Josh Wulf is giving a demonstration of Camunda Platform 8 - all the components working together, with an explanation of the main architectural features and differences from Camunda 7.


4:00 pm. Welcome words

4:10 pm. Short networking session

4:20 pm. "Camunda 8 in action" by Josh Wulf

5:00 pm. Q&A

5:20 pm. Closing the session

Don't miss out on an opportunity to network, learn and share your experience with the community!

Kind regards,

Garth, Josh & Camunda


  • Josh Wulf

    Camunda Services Gmbh

    Developer Experience Engineer


  • Zach Wylie

    Capital BPM

    Chapter support

  • Max Young

    Capital BPM

    Chapter Leader

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