Using Camunda to capture your first Pokémon

Camunda Chapter: Port Louis
Thu, Dec 1, 2022, 5:00 PM (GMT+4)

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About this event

This demo and presentation will be centered about how to use Camunda as a microservice. To do so, I will create two projects. A spring boot project will only run Camunda and in another Java project, Camunda endpoints will be called to interact with the task like for starting and moving the tasks.

For the creation of the Camunda microservice project, I will go to I will also go through some basics of the modeler to create a BPMN file. Finally, the Java ‘API’ microservice that will be used to call the endpoints will be created from the Sprint Initializr website. Postman will be used to call our custom api from our ‘API’ project and we will see on the cockpit how the tasks behave.

Apart from the technical side, I will also demonstrate how Camunda and the ‘workflow approach’ can be used in a context different from the usual business one. I will demonstrate how a workflow can be implemented to capture a Pokémon in a game. This will not only show another use of Camunda but will also attract a different audience to learn more about the powers of this technology.