Orchestrating the microservices using Camunda 8

Thursday, July 6, 2023, 2:00 – 5:00 PM UTC

We will share our experience of how we sell online products by managing microservice using event-driven architecture top on Camunda 8. "Managing long running processes without Camunda". That’s a nightmare. Let's discover how to defeat this nightmare with the great orchestrator Camunda 8 platform.


About this meet-up

Process Orchestration is a powerful tool for automating business processes and integrating various applications to streamline operations and improve efficiency. It plays a crucial role in Microservice-oriented architectures, enabling the execution of tasks in the right order and ensuring adherence to development and life-cycle processes. In this event, I will share our practical knowledge, lessons learned, experiences, and what journey we went through from non Camunda environment to now. 

Who is it for?

No matter if you are a newbie or an experienced developer or architect, you are going to have fun! 


2:00 PMCommunity community community...
2:20 PMRun process run...
2:40 PMWhere we hang around
3:00 PMWhat we deal with
3:30 PMStory of e2e sales products at Kapitalbank
4:30 PMNetwork and Coffee


  • Ilkin Abdullayev

    Kapitalbank OJSC

    Technical Lead / Software Architect

  • Vusal Necefov

    Kapitalbank OJSC

    Software developer


  • Albina Adinayeva

    Kapitalbank OJSC

    Human Resources Business Partner/ Technical Talent Hunter


  • Ilkin Abdullayev

    Kapitalbank OJSC

    Chapter Leader. Technical Lead / SW Architect


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