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This is your free, fun space for all things orchestration, workflow automation, and business process management as well as users of the Camunda stack. Everyone is welcome, from the "workflow curious" to BPM purists, Microservice Orchestration Designers, Java Architects, and even those wondering, "How do I do this in my non-Java language?"

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Upcoming events

20 de mar. de 2024


Camunda Chapter: Finland. Submission, assessment, and publishing of thesis using BPMN

Syventävien opintojen opinnäytetyön palautus, arviointi ja julkaiseminen. Camundan teknologia avoimen lähdekoodin ratkaisuissa. Puhumme suomea! (Camunda Chapter: Finland is a Finnish meetup dedicated to the exploration of open source BPMN process orchestration, with a specific focus on its applications in education and the public sector.)

28 de mar. de 2024


Camunda x AI : Intelligent Process Automation

Join us for a talk on "Intelligent Process Automation" where we will explore the seamless integration of artificial intelligence with Camunda. With real AI-integrations we will demonstrate how to unlock the full potential of your processes with AI and Camunda.

Past events


Camunda Meetup in Brno - Case studies from RWS Group and Oriflame Software

27 de fev. de 2024


Teaching BPM Hands-on!

15 de fev. de 2024

CamundaCon 2024

The Process. Orchestration Conference

Two Locations. One Community.

Berlin + Online

May 15 - 16, 2024

North America + Online

October 16 - 17, 2024

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