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Welcome to the University Camunda Chapter!

This is a community for business process management (BPM) and workflow automation students, educators, and professionals.

Our goal is to establish a community where people can learn about challenges and share their experiences in teaching BPM. We will be hosting virtual events on a regular basis, such as workshops with guest speakers and opportunities for networking. These events will address a wide range of Camunda and BPM-related subjects in academics.

Via Slack we provide a platform for exchanging and discussing recent research papers, student projects, and exercises. We also want to give students an opportunity to develop further into this topic and find a mentor to assist them on their journey.

Join us if you are interested in research and want to connect with others who are. We are excited to meet you and create our community together. Would you like to share something with the group? Don't hesitate to contact us!

P.s.: More information about the Camunda Educational License Program (CELP) can be found here

Upcoming events

Nov 23, 2023


University Chapter: Dealing with Process Variants

Join us for the third and last edition of the Camunda University Chapter, at least for this year. In this special event we will chat about process families and how to reuse software components among similar Process-Aware Information System. For this purpose Philipp Hehnle from the University of Ulm is joining us during the session.

Past events


University Chapter: New Approaches to Process Automation from Research

Sep 7, 2023


Rekindling the Flame: The Camunda University Chapter is back in the game

Jun 27, 2023


Thomas Heinrichs

Chapter Leader


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