Camunda Chapter: Almaty


Welcome to the Camunda Chapter: Almaty

A free, open, and fun user group for open source, workflow automation & business process management enthusiasts, as well as users of the Camunda stack.

We are interested in bringing together different open source communities, and we would like to establish regular meet-ups to discuss the industry’s latest developments, including Camunda’s product contributions. This group is open to anyone, from the “workflow curious,” to the BPM purist, to the Microservice Orchestration Designer, to the Java Architect, to the “how do I do this in my non-Java language?” developer.

Would you like to share something with the group? Don't hesitate to contact us 😊

Join our Russian/English speaking Telegram chat to meet your colleagues and to stay tuned. 

Upcoming events

15 jun 2024


Camunda 2024 meetup in Almaty

We waited for this moment for a while. Let's gather together dear friends and share the latest news and stories from Camunda and about Camunda. The agenda is soon to be presented.

Past events


Camunda cases in Kazakhstan & a special guest-speaker from CamundaCon 2023 in NYC

14 dic 2023


Почему Camunda 8, и что под капотом? / Why Camunda 8 & what is inside?

16 jun 2023


First ever official meetup in Kazakhstan: Camunda platform 8 introduction & use-cases presentation.

8 dic 2022


Vsevolod Martyniuk

Chapter leader, Managing Partner

Mstislav Martynyuk

Chapter leader, Solution Architect


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